The Lemon Water Mistake Millions Of People Make Every Morning

Everyone’s aware of the health benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning – it’s a refreshing beverage that will boost your metabolism and provide you with enough energy for the day. Lemons contain essential vitamins and minerals and are especially rich in vitamin C, providing 187% of the daily recommended allowance of the vitamin. However, if you’re drinking lemon water every morning you need to learn to prepare it properly or it won’t work!


Most people think that the preparation is simple – you just squeeze the lemon in a glass, add warm water and that’s it. But, this is a wrong practice – preparing lemon water is not as simple as mixing lemon juice and warm water. People usually throw away the lemon peel not realizing its health benefits. The peel is rich in essential nutrients and even more powerful than the fruit itself!

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Here’s the right way of preparing lemon water:

Cut a lemon in thin slices then squeeze some of them in a glass. Next, grate the peel of the squeezed slices and add it to a blender, then fill the blender with ice-cold water. Mix well for a minute, then enjoy your healthy drink.

Lemon water for the win!

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Health experts suggest that lemon stimulates digestion due to its acidic nature. It slows down food absorption which conserves insulin in your body, making sure that the body gets most of the processed food. Lemon water also prevents water retention and boosts your metabolism, effectively helping you lose weight.

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