Pineapple Diet To Lose Five Kilos In Three Days

Losing weight in just a short time is a Herculean task not many people can achieve. There are many diets that promise results only to leave you disappointed (and hungry) in the end. Luckily for you, we have the solution!


Pineapple is a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C and folic acid as well as numerous essential minerals. The fruit is a natural diuretic and can detoxify your body.

This new pineapple diet plan will help you lose 5 kg. in 3 days and many people have said that it is super-effective. However, you shouldn’t stick to it for more than 5 days as your body needs other nutrients that aren’t present in pineapples.

Here’s how the diet plan looks like:


Eat two pineapple slices and a slice of bread for breakfast during the first 3 days. Have a glass of pineapple juice as a snack. Just boil pineapple bark in water for 20 minutes, then let the juice cool down before drinking it.


For lunch, we recommend 200 gr. of chicken breast with a little mustard and a pinch of salt. You can eat 3 pineapple slices for dessert.


For snacks, we recommend fresh pineapple or a cup of low-fat yogurt.


Eat a vegetable puree made of carrots, leeks and asparagus for dinner, and accompany it with a bowl of lettuce as well as a bit of chicken. Eat some pineapple as a dessert.

Don’t perform heavy exercises for the duration of the diet as you won’t have enough energy. The diet is not designed for the long run – it is designed to help you lose weight in just a short frame of time, so you can use it whenever you need a quick “fix”.


Knee pain is one of the most unpleasant conditions for people of any age. It is usually caused by inflammation or injuries to the joints and is a part of the aging process.


The knees are one of the most important part in our body – they help us stand, walk and run and are involved in almost any moving process. Problems with the knees have become increasingly common these days, and people are trying to find quick solutions in order to reduce the pain. However, the solutions are most often temporary, which is why a “quick fix” is out of the question. Luckily, we have just what you need – a natural recipe that will relieve the pain and eliminate the condition for good.

Here’s how to prepare the remedy:


1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon

1 glass of water

1 cup of oats

1 cup of fresh natural juice

Half a cup of almonds

2 cups of chopped pineapple

Honey to taste


Cook the oats in water first, then let them cool down before adding the ingredients in a blender. If the mixture comes out too thick, add some water and consume it twice a day in the morning and evening.

The mixture works thanks to the high bromelain content in pineapples. Bromelain is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which can reinforce your ligaments and tendons and provide your connective tissues with essential nutrients. The other ingredients possess a number of vitamins and minerals which will strengthen your knees and bones if you drink the mixture every day.

This DIET Kills Cancer Cells and Cured Thousands of Cancer Patients in 42 Days!

Rudolf Breuss was an Austrian doctor who spent the majority of his career searching for the cure for cancer. The years of research led him to this 42-day diet we’re going to present today, which has helped thousands of people defeat cancer since the 1980s.


The diet is known as the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment and is very strict. It involves consuming raw fruit and vegetables as well as herbs and liquids which you should take for 42 days. Cancer cells have a different metabolism than healthy cells, so the Breuss diet is designed to starve them while helping normal cells thrive. People who have tried it have reported incredible results, in some cases after just one week!

Breuss diet

The diet mainly relies on juicing and avoiding solid foods for 42 days. Here’s the juice you should drink every day:


1 black radish

1 large beetroot

1 medium-sized carrot

3-4 celery stalks

Half a potato

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and drink half a liter of the juice every day. The ingredients should be properly juiced and pulp-free.

How does it work?

Dr. Breuss claimed that cancer cells live on protein from solid foods, so the idea behind the diet was to rob them of protein. The ingredients in the juice are not picked by chance – every one of them was carefully studied beforehand fortheir ability to fight diseases. Here are their health benefits:


Radishes can detoxify your internal organs and provide your body with vitamin C and anthocyanins.


Beets have been used against cancer in Europe for centuries. They will provide your body with nutrients and oxygen and help it fight the disease easily. Beets also remove carcinogenic toxins from the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.


According to scientists from the Newcastle University, carrots contain tumor-fighting compounds called polyacetylenes which have been found to reduce tumor growth. According to numerous other studies, carrots also contain falcarinol, which reduced tumor growth by a third in animal studies.


According to a 2013 study, celery is highly effective against lung cancer. The results of the study were incredible and showed that the vegetable killed 86% of the lung cancer cells, while past research has shown that celery can stop the spread of cancer in the body.


Studies have shown that potatoes can stop the reproduction of lymphoma, liver, cervical, colon, stomach and prostate cancer cells, while also inducing apoptosis in the cancer cells.

Doctors Are Amazed! This Recipe Renews the Knees and Joints!

The amazing remedy we’re presenting today will regenerate your joints and knees, and even doctors have been astonished with its efficiency.


According to experts, the main cause of pain in the joints, legs and back is improper body posture. This problem can even cause further health complications, so it’s vital that it’s resolved sooner rather than later. Luckily, this natural remedy will restore the proper function of your knees and joints and improve the density of your bones, effectively helping you move as you should.


200 gr. of honey

40 gr. of pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin

3 tablespoons of raisins

4 tablespoons of sesame seeds

8 tablespoons of flaxseeds


Mix the ingredients in a bowl until you get a homogenous mixture, then pour it into a glass jar.


Take a teaspoon of the remedy twice a day before your breakfast and lunch. The remedy will reinforce your ligaments and tendons, strengthen your bones and improve your metabolism as a bonus.

Chemo Will Be Unnecessary If You Drink This Homemade Juice that Destroys Cancer Cells Very Effectively!

The juice we’re going to present in this article has been highly recommended to cancer patients thanks to its ability to counter the effects of chemotherapy. It is made of completely natural ingredients which can prevent further growth of cancer cells and stop the disease from spreading.


The main ingredient in the juice are carrots. This vegetable is rich in carotenoids, natural antioxidants that will protect your cells from damage and cancer. Carotenoids are important for your health as they can protect your body from cancer, which is why you should include carrots in your diet.

The main function of antioxidants is to protect your cells from free radical damage. Free radicals are single electrons that can damage your DNA – once they do, they create a perfect environment for cancer to thrive in. Carotenoids and vitamin A both have the power to improve the function of your white blood cells which can help your immune system fight numerous diseases including cancer.

The impressive health benefits of beta-carotene have been known since the 1940s, and today, over 200 studies have confirmed their effects. A 1970 study conducted in Sweden showed that men with low carotenoid levels in the blood had increased risk of premature death. Beta-carotene was also found to protect tissues such as lungs, bladder, throat, intestines and colon, while a study from 1989 showed that there’s a link between increased beta-carotene consumption and reduced risk of cancer.

A British study from a few years ago included a total of 5004 women whose health was monitored for a couple of years. The results showed that women free of breast cancer had 50% more beta-carotene in their blood compared to those who suffered from the disease. The US Prostate Cancer Research Institute did a few clinical trials on cervical, prostate, melanoma and breast cancer and found that beta-carotene supplementation is more than required in order to prevent cancer.

Parsley is a great herb which can reinforce the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body and prevent free radical damage, while also getting rid of inflammation. This amazing herb contains flavonoids such as apigenin and myricetin which can prevent tumor formation, especially in the cases of lung cancer. Flavonoids are also present in garlic which is considered highly chemo-protective.

Regular consumption of this juice will eliminate cancer cells and stop them from spreading without damaging your normal cells. Here’s how to prepare it:


1 lemon

Half an orange

Half a bunch of parsley

5 carrots


Mix the ingredients together, then drink the juice fresh.

Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover In Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How!

People who are dealing with frequent colds and the flu need to strengthen their immune system, and the Russian scientist Dr. Sergei Bubnovskiy recently uncovered a simple way to do it. According to the doctor, soaking your legs in ice cold water for 10-15 seconds every day after you get home from work will have a profound impact on the immune system and will prevent colds and the flu in the future.


To perform the treatment, fill a basin with cold water and add some ice – the more you add, the better. The water needs to be ice cold before you soak your feet in it. Keep the feet submerged for only 10-15 seconds and repeat the process every night before going to bed for best results. This method works great on people with weakened immune system – if you’re one of them, you need to perform the method every 4 hours. The method sparked interest in the scientific community, and a recent study conducted at the University of Virginia showed that icy water stimulates norepinephrine production which is an important hormone that will reinforce your immune system.

Besides this, ice cold water can:

Ease sore muscles

Soak the aching muscles in cold water to relieve the pain.

Makes your hair shine

The ice-cold water will make your hair shine as it closes the follicles and makes your hair smooth.

Healthier skin

Cold water therapy will energize your skin by tightening your pores and cuticles and prevent further clotting.

Fights depression

Thanks to the impact on the cold receptors in the skin, ice cold water will improve your mood and reduce the symptoms of depression.


People who live in cities and urban areas in general have a far higher risk of developing lung cancer than those who live in rural areas. The air we breathe is of vital importance, and is also a major factor for lung cancer. The air we breathe is full of smoke, smog and environmental toxins that can cause serious diseases.


Mine workers are also at an exposed risk. The air in the shafts is usually thicker and contains more oxygen, which makes it hard to breather and creates additional problems. Oxygen is required by the body for almost all processes, but too much of it won’t be good for your health. Oxidation is a metabolic process in which the body releases free radicals that cause cancer. Free radicals are very harmful and can cause numerous serious health problems – they can damage your DNA, mutate cells and are considered the main cause of cancer.

In order to reduce the risk of lung cancer, you should live in areas above sea level and spend more time outside in the country where the air is not polluted. The thinner the air, the easier you’ll breathe. According to recent studies, the risk of lung cancer decreases on 1000 m. of altitude, so maybe it’s time to ditch the city and think of your health.

13 Detox Foods To Flush Out Toxins, Fight Cancer Cells And Relentlessly Hunt Free Radicals

The body has an automated self-cleaning process which can keep you free from diseases and conditions. However, due to the stress, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle and lack of sleep, it is getting harder and harder to keep our health in check nowadays. These habits make toxins accumulate in our tissues, which leads to organ damage and improper body function.


Here are some tips on how to avoid toxin accumulation in the body:

  1. Avoid smoking and drinking

Both habits are detrimental to your health and may cause life-threatening diseases. Cigarettes contain more than 600 toxic compounds, of which 69 are confirmed carcinogens. Alcohol on the other hand, can overburden your liver and cause serious diseases such as hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. This is why you need to limit your alcohol consumption to a drink a day or avoid it altogether.

  1. Consume more fiber

The liver produces bile which helps digest foods and cleans the blood of toxins. The bile passes through the small intestine and gallbladder. Consuming fiber will collect all the leftover food particles and waste material and prevent their reabsorption in the blood stream. In order to get more fiber, eat legumes, fruits, vegetable and whole grains.

  1. Sweat!

Sweating will stimulate toxic elimination and can be done by exercise or sauna. Drink a lot of water during the day in order to replenish the nutrients we lose through sweating, and make sure to replenish the electrolytes as well by drinking coconut water regularly.

  1. Green tea

Green tea will keep your body hydrated and protect the organs from damage. It will also raise the levels of the good cholesterol in your blood and lower the stress on the liver. Drinking green tea regularly will keep your liver healthy at all times.

  1. Avoid eating processed foods

Processed foods are highly damaging and full of harmful ingredients which can cause serious diseases. The body isn’t always ready to process the chemicals from these foods, so they start accumulating in our tissues and organs which leads to serious disorders.

Here are 13 natural detoxifying foods that you should consume every day:



Sunflower seeds


Turnip greens

Red pepper

Mung beans







Eat these foods every day and you will keep your body running properly.

Have You Heard About This Miracle Fruit?? It Controls Diabetes, Lowers Cholesterol and Fight Inflammation

The carambola fruit, also known as the star fruit, is a tropical fruit from the Malayan peninsula that can be found in other parts of the world as well. It is yellow when ripe and has a sweet and sour taste that resembles, pears, grapes and lemons. Thanks to its special taste, it’s a favorite of millions.

Organic Star Fruit - Thai fruit fresh farm

Besides the unique taste, the star fruit has numerous health benefits. It has almost no calories and is rich in essential vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

Here are some of carambola’s health benefits:

Lowers cholesterol

The fruit is rich in fiber which will improve your digestion and lower the levels of your bad (LDL) cholesterol. LDL cholesterol can accumulate in your arteries and cause cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, which can often be fatal. Consuming the fruit regularly, however, will resolve this problem and protect your heart.

Regulates high blood pressure

The carambola fruit is rich in sodium, a great mineral that can regulate your blood pressure. Consume the fruit every day to control your blood pressure and prevent hypertension.

Strengthens the immune system

Thanks to the high vitamin C content, the carambola fruit will reinforce your immune system and protect you from numerous diseases.

Improves digestion

The fiber in the star fruit will clean your intestines and bind to water in your system, effectively fighting constipation and improving your digestion. Consume it after heavy meals to prevent digestive problems.

Improves your sleep and treats insomnia

The carambola fruit is rich in magnesium, which is great against insomnia and can improve the quality of your sleep.

Great for your skin

The high flavonoid content in the carambola fruit means that it’s great for your skin health. The fruit can prevent skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis and can also treat acne.

Proper fetus development

The carambola is recommended to pregnant women as it can aid proper fetus development. The fruit contains vitamin B9 (folic acid) which is important for the first months of gestation and is vital for proper neural tube and fetal development. Consuming it regularly will also aid the formation of breast milk.

Controls diabetes

The fruit is low in sugar which makes it great for diabetics. The fiber content will balance your blood sugar levels and prevent fast glucose absorption in the gut, which will effectively control diabetes.

Antimicrobial action

According to studies, the carambola can fight infections caused by bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa as well as Klebsiella.

Improves the eye health

The star fruit will improve your eye health thanks to the high vitamin A content.

Note: the carambola fruit should be avoided in cases of kidney disease, kidney dialysis or kidney failure due to the high oxalic acid content which can cause problems. Consume the fruit with caution if you’re on statins, opiates or benzodiapines, as it can interfere with the action of these drugs.

Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer, Diabetes, And High Blood Pressure By Drinking Water In This Way

The Japanese have a strange habit of drinking plenty of water right after getting up from bed in the morning. But, even though it sounds strange, science has backed this trend with facts that say that drinking water in the morning can help you prevent serious diseases including cancer!


According to the Japanese, water therapy is the key for relieving numerous diseases. The treatment can help you get rid of headaches, respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney stones, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, constipation, menstrual disorders and even cancer.

Here’s what the treatment looks like:

Immediately after getting up, drink 4 160 ml. glasses of water before you even brush your teeth. Avoid consuming anything for the next 45 minutes, then have your breakfast and again avoid having anything for 2 hours afterwards.

If you can’t drink that amount of water, start in smaller doses and gradually work your way up. The water treatment is not just for the sick – healthy people can use it to prevent diseases and lead a healthier life.

Here’s how much time the water therapy needs to resolve certain health problems.

High blood pressure – 30 days;

Gastritis – 10 days;

Diabetes – 30 days;

Constipation – 10 days;

Cancer – 180 days;

Tuberculosis – 90 days;

Arthritis – Patients should do the water treatment for 3 days in the first week, and repeat it every day on the second week;

The treatment has no side-effects, although you can expect going to the bathroom more frequently.

Get Rid Of Your Stomach Fat Immediately With This Terrific Banana Drink!

Bananas are a popular tropical fruit with numerous health benefits. Besides treating numerous diseases, bananas can also accelerate your metabolism and help you lose weight faster than ever before.

The fruit is rich in potassium, an important mineral that can strengthen your bones and muscles. The density of other nutrients will melt your excess fat and prevent serious diseases. Here’s a simple banana fat-busting recipe:


1 banana

1 orange

¼ of a teaspoon of ginger powder

½ a glass of low-fat yogurt

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of whey powder

2 tablespoons of flaxseeds


Just mix all the ingredients in a blender and your fat-busting smoothie is prepared! Drink it every morning on an empty stomach and you will notice the results in only a couple of days!


Dates are rightfully considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They can relieve serious diseases and conditions such as stroke, heart attack, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure as well. Eating dates regularly will accelerate your metabolism and improve your overall health.


Here are the top 8 reasons why you need to include dates in your diet:

Rich in iron

Dates are rich in many minerals including iron, which is great for children, pregnant women as well as for people suffering from anemia. The recommended daily allowance of dates is 100 gr. a day, which should contain about 0.9 mg. of iron (11% of the daily recommended allowance of the mineral). Iron will boost your red blood cell and hemoglobin production and improve the flow of oxygen through the blood.

Dates prevent diarrhea

Thanks to the high potassium content, consuming dates will balance the intestinal flora and help you prevent diarrhea.

Soothe constipation

Besides treating diarrhea, dates are great against constipation as well. Just put a handful of them in water overnight, then consume the drink in the morning to treat constipation effectively.

Control body weight

Eating dates on an empty stomach can help you prevent accumulation of fat in your tissues. Since dates don’t contain cholesterol, they will manage your body weight. However, they are rich in sugar, so make sure you don’t eat too much of them.

Regulate cholesterol

Dates can control the levels of the bad (LDL) cholesterol in your blood, effectively keeping your blood vessels clean and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Strengthen the heart muscle

Soak some dates in water overnight, then eat them without the seeds in the morning to strengthen your heart.

Regulate blood pressure

Eating dates regularly is beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure. Dates contain almost no sodium and are rich in potassium, which can decrease and control your blood pressure. 5-6 dates contain about 80 mg. of potassium, which is more than enough to keep your blood pressure normal.

Prevent strokes

The rich potassium content of dates will significantly improve your nervous system and may prevent stroke. Experts recommend taking 400 mg. of potassium daily to keep your health in check.